Those Poor Deaf People

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So I told Meredith about The Sign Language Company and how we help provide sign language interpreters …. needed to assist in communication between hearing and deaf people. Her first words were “oh….how wonderful that you help those poor deaf people”…… followed by “I can’t imagine not being able to hear music, or hear my children, or watch television or drive!”

Wow….there was a time when I might have said the same thing. As a SODA, I feel enlightened regarding the Deaf and how accessibility has colored their world.  Did this woman really believe that deaf people don’t watch TV?  And to this day, many believe deaf people do not drive. But as tiny judgments began forming in my mind, I had to remind myself that there are many with unique challenges that I also find myself pitying.
“Oh…..poor thing… sad to live with:
Life in a wheelchair
Down’s Syndrome
Cerebral Palsy
and more recently, a condition I had never heard of. Waardenburg Syndrome. Here are some of the possible symptoms.
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And some are deaf AND blind. MY first thoughts……”Oh these poor children and their poor parents. How will they manage when life is so difficult without these extra challenges?”
Then I watched You tube videos highlighting the lives of some of these children. Their parents are recording their daily activities and how they are learning to communicate with their unique offspring. I watched the interactions as devoted parents engaged their children in tactile experiences and new sensations. I watched loving encounters and smiling faces. Laughing parents and giggling children.
Some battles are physical and obvious. Some battles are emotional and hidden. Maybe just offering kindness instead of pity is the answer….knowing that everyone gets their fair share of challenges on their journeys around the sun. I believe the majority of us wear a smile and carry on as best we can. I also believe these stories provide perspective as we face our own daily hurdles.
Here’s to the parents who devote their days to creating better futures for their children. Every day unsung heroes.

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