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    BUSINESS: Conferences, workshops, meetings...

I Interpreters
The Sign Language Company has maintained an exceptional team of qualified sign language interpreters for over 30 years. We remain the agency of choice for many interpreters as we take particular care matching the appropriate interpreter with the particular situation. Our network consists of nationally certified interpreters while we also mentor pre-certified interpreters. We are proud to represent sign language interpreters professionally trained in many specialties – including the Medical, Legal, Educational, Government, and Entertainment Industries.

C Consultants
In addition to sign language interpreters, The Sign Language Company has provided professional consulting services in countless settings including employment, conferences, tradeshows, meetings, courts, site visits, etc. While knowledge of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture is valuable in many settings, there is a growing awareness and appreciation for these skills in the world of business and trade. Our agency represents exceptional certified talent and will help you meet ADA requirements while bridging the communication barriers between the Deaf and Hearing communities.

T Tutors
Sign Language interpreters and tutors are available to assist in a multitude of settings including workshops, lectures, conferences, or independent study activities such as mentoring and self-study. Specifically in the field of entertainment, our tutors will teach and coach the actor in sign language needed for a particular role. Our tutors are experts in the nuances of the language…including facial expressions and body movement crucial for authentic sign language.