Testimonials “Unfatigue-able!”Patty Duke, Screen Actors Guild

“Thank you SLC for helping us express our creativity and talent.”Marlee Matlin, Actress

“Bill has proven time and again that he can handle any request of the situation by securing the right interpreter from the highly skilled core of interpreters who work with him.”Janet L. Bailey, President/CEO SLA Global Division

“Best performance by an interpreter in a supporting role.”Robert Moulton, Columbia Pictures

“In the years I have dealt with The Sign Language Company, there has never been a time when they could not provide an interpreter whether scheduled or in an emergency. Being a school district, meetings can be unpredictable and The Sign Language Company is right there to accommodate us to the point that you would think we are the only ones they service!”Elizabeth L., Wm S. Hart UHSD

“I highly recommend SLC for any job involving the tutoring or interpreting of Sign Language.”Robert Singer, Executive Producer/Director, Lorimar Television

“It’s about time!  Thanks to SLC there will finally be a one-stop resource for theatrical and studio interpreting that knows the ins and outs of the Entertainment Industry.”Sheldon I. Altfeld, Chairman/CEO, Silent Network

“This working relationship has proven to be a most compatible and respectful encounter. In this Health Care environment, we operate with a sense of emergency and urgency, as our norm. We have come to rely on you and The Sign Language Company more and more.

I appreciate, not only your commitment to service and the professionalism of your staff, but in these times your total support for confidentiality is most outstanding.”Pearl Diamond, Manager, Kaiser Permanente

“On behalf of the Governor’s Committee, please accept our sincere appreciation for the quality of services, the dependability and reliability you have always provided for our programs and projects during these past many years.

When we have an agency such as yours working with us, we are assured of the very best in professional sign language interpreter services. Being the ‘Governor’s Committee’ we are being carefully scrutinized by the disability community. So, when we receive compliments regarding access to our programs and projects, we feel we have the best! Thank you for always working with us to make it happen!”Pam Porteous-Hunt, Program Specialist, The California Governor’s Committee for Employment of Disabled Persons

“On behalf of E3 Show Management, we would like to congratulate you on a job well done. This year’s event brought several challenges and we were able to accommodate everyone’s needs in an expeditious and efficient manner. You and your staff were quick to respond to my message of distress and most accommodating with scheduling interpreters. Your involvement with the services is also reassuring. You take a personal interest in the event and oversee the quality of the service your staff provides in a first-hand manner. This is very critical to us, as we have so many details to cover. Not having to “worry about sign language interpreters” is a good thing. Thank you and your staff for a job well done!”Lisa V. Deck, E3 Office Manager, Electronic Entertainment Expo

“The services rendered by SLC are exceptional. Mr. Pugin has a comprehensive knowledge of Deaf Culture, the needs of mental health interpreting, and the special issues/requirements of matching a specific interpreter to the client or assignment. The SLC is highly reliable in filling a wide range of assignments in a timely manner, communicating about business and scheduling issues, and monitoring the proficiency of their interpreters.”Susan Hajiani, LCSW, Program Coordinator, Saint John’s Mental Health Services for Deaf/Hard of Hearing