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Sign Language Interpreters and Idioms

August 1, 2019


raining cats and dogs idioms

    As an agency, we often get requests from those who believe sign language interpreters probably picked up an extra class at a community college, or maybe they have a deaf relative, or thought they were mostly “volunteers”. We really should have a perfect response recorded so we can just hit the play button. […]

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Who Hires Deaf People and Those With Special Needs?

April 20, 2018



We recently posted a headline highlighting Amazon’s efforts toward inclusiveness in hiring their employees. For years, our agency has provided interpreting services for deaf employees holding Management and Executive positions in the Los Angeles area. There was a time when the best known company hiring employees needing accommodations was The Goodwill Organization. Now that we’re […]

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Anything You Can Do … I Can Do Better

February 28, 2018


anything you can do, I can do better

  Anything you can do, I can do better ……..I can do anything better than you. An old song which sometimes comes to mind when interpreters comment on another interpreter’s skills. She wore nail polish He wore a white shirt They kept surfing their phone during a team assignment She kept messing with her hair […]

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Interpreting Bloopers – Lost in Translation

October 23, 2017



  I recently came across a thread where sign language interpreters shared their personal “oops” moments.  Voicing for speakers with heavy accents… Signing technical or classroom material… Fatigue and confusion can make for some funny bloopers. Here are some of my favorites. Names have been removed to protect the innocent.    After he had been […]

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Deaf Community

March 17, 2017



If you are connected in someway with the Deaf Community (deaf, sign language interpreter, family, friend….), then you might often find yourself wondering “What if I were deaf?” as situations arise throughout a normal day. Typical daily outings take on a new awareness. Post Office, Grocery Store, people speaking to you without first gaining your […]

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Deaf People Are SO Well Read

November 14, 2016



Wow…she sure likes to read a lot! One of my early thoughts while having holiday dinners with my hearing family and one deaf sister. I give myself a break now. I was only about 7 or 8 years old and it had just become normal to see my sister get up from the table and […]

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Deaf Students Do Just Fine Without Interpreters

August 12, 2016


  ……….according to The Supreme Court in 1982.  Amy Rowley’s parents hired a deaf lawyer to argue their case in front of the US Supreme Court. There are quite a few “firsts” in this landmark case setting the foundation for the system we see today.   FIRST DEAF LAWYER GOES BEFORE SUPREME COURT By DENA […]

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So You Want To Open Your Own Sign Language Interpreting Agency

December 3, 2015



Just think… could go to the mall and drink coffee and meet friends for lunch and take naps in the afternoon ALL while other people are working for you! So how hard could it be? Ahhhhh……sit back and relax while we reminisce over the past 4 hours….. The following names have been changed to protect…….well…….us. […]

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Working as a Sign Language Interpreter

October 22, 2015


Ronald Reagan and Bill Pugin

U.S. News and World Report recently asked this question. What is it really like to work as a Sign Language Interpreter? What does it take to succeed? What are the work prospects for the future? Sign-language interpreters rely on a set of quick hands to relay a speaker’s words to a hearing-impaired audience. “To be […]

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Deaf Friendly Applause!

June 1, 2015


Tree Tree Tree

  Who is credited with introducing American Deaf culture to the practice of “hand waving” for applause? a. Laurent Clerc b. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet c. Gerald “Bummy” Burstein d. Frederick Schreiber   Not sure? Answer: “c” – Gerald “Bummy” Burstein The modern American Deaf culture practice of twisting the hands in the air evidently came […]

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