Ice Age in ASL

Ice Age - Continental Drift

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Voiced by many well-known talents such as Ray Romano and Queen Latifah, will also feature a Sign Along choice for fans of American Sign Language (ASL).

ABC Family’s Switched At Birth’s star, Sean Berdy, and actress Amber Zion are featured in the Signing Picture in Picture option which showcases the content in American Sign Language, GLAD’s Director of Public Relations, Rachel Braver, said. For the first time in history, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment will be showing ASL on Blu-ray 3D using Berdy and Zion as sign language translators on screen at the Beverly Center. Berdy and Zion both play characters that appear in the picture as ASL translators–as a picture in picture style only available on Blu-ray.

The Sign Language Company is excited to be a part of this groundbreaking effort! Our agency was selected to work with 1-K Studios in the production elements – – including the hiring of Berdy and Zion. Bill Pugin worked as Director for the shoot. He suggested a ‘two-color’ teleprompter to assist the interpreters recognize which characters were speaking. What else?

  • Decided which characters would be signed by each interpreter
  • Broke down the songs in ASL to correctly convey the meaning to a deaf audience
  • Determined which scenes required a ‘re-shoot’
  • Held the ‘stop sign’ to alert the interpreters to pauses in the dialogue
  • Spent three days in the editing booth ensuring the signs matched the dialogue

Together with Taubman and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. (GLAD), we helped with the process of casting Berdy and Zion to do ASL on-screen translating Ice Age: Continental Drift, worked on the accessibility for the holiday event and also arranged a signing Santa to meet the children at the event. “The Signing Picture-in-Picture concept is such a wonderful way for people of all ages to have equal access and to enjoy the beauty and expressiveness of American Sign Language. Younger children who aren’t able to read yet have this perfect alternative to be able to understand and enjoy the film.” – Dr. Patricia Hughes, GLAD CEO.

Children also will be experiencing Ice Age Ice Palace, actor CJ Jones, said. Santa Claus who will be coming to this event is a CODA member, which means that he was raised by deaf parents.

CJ Jones will be the Master of Ceremony at a private event for Marlton school on Thursday, December 6th. Jones added that there will be a hula hoop show, a magic show, and snow to keep the children entertained. “Signing Santa” will remain at the Ice Palace following the private event and throughout the day to visit with all shoppers, including deaf and hard of hearing children. Deaf and hard of hearing children are invited to visit and sign with Santa on December 6th from 2:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. The Ice Palace is located on Level 6 Center Court at the Beverly Center at 8500 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles.

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8 Responses to “Ice Age in ASL”

  1. T. Exner Says:

    I was so looking forward to getting this new Ice Age with ASL but did not know it was only on Blu-Ray. I’m so sad. Don’t have this device and have no plans to purchase one anytime soon.


  2. Evelyn Says:

    Hello T. Exner,

    Since this is the first attempt at this, we’re hoping we’ll see more of this technology spreading across multiple platforms. I do understand your frustration and hope you’re able to see it soon.


  3. Rachel Says:

    Is the PIP sign language feature available on the BluRay or BluRay 3D version, or both?
    It is VERY difficult to tell which disc offers this feature. Our 3 year old son is Deaf and
    LOVES Ice Age. I can’t wait to show him this new version interpreted in his own language!


    • Evelyn Says:

      Hi Rachel,

      We understand that it’s available on the 3D version. I think you’d be safe going for that one. I’m sure your 3 year old will love it!


  4. Noel Says:

    I am very disappointed with the quality of the signing feature. It froze multiple times or the signer wouldn’t show up for a while. As a hearing person I was able to follow along still but if I was relying on this feature to understand the movie I would be very frustrated. I am hoping the troubles were because the technology is new and it will be improved in the future.


    • Evelyn Says:

      Hi Noel….

      We were involved with the on-site ASL assistance for the movie. I’m so sorry to hear your experience was disappointing. We’ve heard no previous complaints with ‘freezing’ and it may be an actual issue with your copy or player. If you feel your player is working fine, you may want to exchange your DVD / Blu-Ray as “faulty”. The interpreters were to remain present during times of dialogue, but not during action scenes where interpretation wasn’t needed. You’re right….this is brand new technology and we should see bugs irons out and quality progress with future projects.


  5. Denise Matthews Says:

    This is awesome! Are there more movies that this is offered in? Where would I find a list of which movies offer PIP ASL?


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